5 Stress-Free Tips for Arranging a Home Warming Party

Okay, it’s great that you have planned to shift to a new home. The house is not only new to you; you will be getting new neighbors, new friends, will be staying in a new location, and also a new way of leading life. So, why not start with something interesting and memorable. As you are buying a new home, you will like to invite your friends and close ones to see it, obviously. Though shifting to a new place, packing and unpacking things, and making the list of guests in between is quite stressful. So, if you want to host a stress-free home-warming party, here are some of the points to keep in mind. 

  • Wait For An Week, Do Not Rush

As soon as you have shifted to a new place, do not hurry to call your friends over the phone to come and meet you. Wait for a week, settle all the furniture and appliances, clean, and make spaces to breathe in your home. Do not make the process fast. After you have arranged everything, take rest for 1-2 days and make a list of people you want to invite for a housewarming party. 

  • Send mails or personalized housewarming invitations a few days before

Okay, after unpacking all the items and taking out some time for yourself, it is the time to make a list of people whom you prefer. After making a list, you invite them a few days before the actual function. Do not make the invitation at the last moment. You can also get housewarming invitations online ideas from where you can choose yours and sent it to your friends. 

  • Set the invitation as the open house


While printing the invitation for housewarming party, be sure to print the invitation timing as the open time means that there should be no fixed time to come. The guests can come anytime between 11 am to 6 pm. If you do not have ample space to accommodate so many people, it’s better not to fix any particular time on the invitation card. 

  • Ask your new neighbors to join the party.

As you have shifted to a new place, there are new neighbors as well. Wondering how to make friends with them, The best way is to invite the housewarming party. Once they come to the party, they will able to know you and vice versa. This will make a bond, and next time you meet them at the nearby shopping mall, you will be beer buddies. 

  • Arrange A Party That Will Be A Memorable One

To make the party entertaining and memorable, why not bring a theme topic! Yes, the theme is very common these days. Whether you are organizing a housewarming party or any other party, the best part is to set up a theme. You can set a small bar area and a BBQ. You can play music and chill.

These are some of the ways to arrange a stress-free house warming invitation. If you want to provide new address cards to the guests, you can get a personalized change of address cards as per your budget and details online. I hope these points help you to arrange a home warming party ever. 

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