Ways to protect wooden floors when moving

Is your relocation coming up? If it is, don’t forget to protect wooden floors when moving. Alt-text: a combined kitchen-living room space with nice wooden floors.

Having wooden floors in your home can be an excellent thing for many different reasons. They are esthetically pleasing. Not to mention they go well with almost all possible home decors. It is safe to say that they give your home a little extra coziness and luxury. However, there are certain downsides as well. Hardwood floors might not be as durable as we might think. They can easily get damaged or scratched. Particularly, during a relocation process. That is why you must be extra careful on your moving day. Here are a few simple but effective ways to protect wooden floors when moving.

Tips on how to protect wooden floors when moving 

The whole process can go smoothly and you might be out of your old home in no time. But, once everything and everybody is out of the house you might turn around and get an unwanted surprise. Your wooden floors might be a big mess. Which only means you will have to fix them for the new owners. The situation can be even worse. In your new home, while moving in, your floors can also get scratched or otherwise damaged. So, no matter in which direction you might be moving, make sure your wooden floors are well taken care of.

Even our pets enjoy spending time in a space with wooden floors. Alt-text: a cute puppy sitting on a wooden floor.

The doormat

Don’t underestimate the simple power of a doormat. Before moving day knocks on the front door of your home, hopefully, you will be done will all your packing. In most instances includes your favorite doormat. You might be eager to place it in front of your new place. Still, leave it where it is for the last spin at your old home. Movers will be coming in and out. Your entire family as well. Everybody will be carrying in dirt or grass. Not only will the floors get dirty, but there is a big chance somebody will slip and fall. Certainly, this is the last thing you want at that moment. Avoid somebody getting hurt and dropping things on your hardwood floors.

Make sure your doormat is the last item you pack. Alt-text: a doormat that has hello and goodbye written on it in brown and black colors.

Furniture sliders

You have probably seen this item in stores or on TV infomercials and haven’t thought twice about them until you decided to move. Furniture sliders are a small item but with great powers that will help you a lot during your move. In fact, they have a dual purpose. They are great for moving large and heavy objects such as appliances or big furniture items. Yet, are also a great protector of your perfect home flooring that you want to leave undamaged. They are very easy and simple to use. All you need to do is slide them under all parts of the moving item that are touching the floor. Instantly you will have an extra layer of great protection between the two. And now start sliding!


Cardboard can be an instant fix and a layer of protection, however only for a brief instance. If you would like to place something down without harming your cherished wooden floors, cardboard can be a great solution. Especially since you probably have plenty of cardboard boxes around you during your relocation. But, don’t put your trust in cardboard if you want to make a cardboard path or anything similar. Use it for what it is. A great spotter for items to be placed down on.

When using cardboard to protect your floors, make sure it is only used as a holder and for no other protection purposes. Alt-text: cardboard sheets stacked on top of each other.

Red rosin paper 

You have enjoyed the benefits of hardwood floors, but now it is time to protect it. There might be no better way to do it than to cover it with red rosin paper. The material is made of 100% recycled paper and is most often used for siding, as well as flooring purposes. If you purchase the high-quality kind, they will be resistant to tearing and moisture, which makes it the perfect ally when looking to protect wooden floors when moving. You can purchase it online or in any store that sells similar items. Home Depot is a great option.  

Ram Board 

This solution might be pricier than the others. Though, it is much cheaper than repairing the damages caused by your move. Just like red rosin paper, ram boards are made of recycling paper. One of the great things about this protection option is that it can be reused again, which makes it a great investment. Contractors absolutely love it because they can drag their toolboxes on it and not worry for a second that the floors will be harmed.

Professional movers will know what to do 

A common way of damaging floors during a move is by dropping items or incorrectly trying to move them. Sometimes we are clumsy, and things just get dropped by accident, while in other instances we have no clue what we are doing. As a result, appliances get dragged on the floor, furniture gets placed in the wrong spots, etc. The outcome in most cases is scratched or severely damaged hardwood floors. That is why it is always an excellent idea to hire professional movers and let them do the heavy lifting for you. They know how to get the job done fast while keeping your home and your belongings in one piece. If you still haven’t chosen professional movers, you can start your search by contacting Excalibur Moving and Storage.


When moving you should never forget to protect wooden floors. As you can see from our tips, there are plenty of ways this can be done. Some are more expensive than others. However, they are all a cheap investment in comparison to floor touchups and fixups. With all that being said, sometimes even when proactive bad things can happen. You can do all the due diligence and an accident might occur that leaves your beautiful wooden floors damaged. Don’t despair right away because there are several easy and inexpensive solutions that you can use to get it fixed. So, don’t forget to shield your floors from your relocation and happy moving!

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