Some Treatments for Your Teak Garden Tables

When you have devices and tools in your house, you need to provide good maintenance. This is necessary, so all of them can always work well whenever you need them. For its maintenance, at least you need to clean them regularly. The same case is needed by furniture in the house. They need good care, and cleaning them can be good thing to do regularly. This is needed to make your furniture look nicer and more durable. Of course, this treatment must be given also for your teak garden tables.

Cleaning Your Teak Garden Tables

When you have teak tables, actually this does not need special treatment, even when the tables are for outdoor area. This wood is known for its durability. The teak wood becomes recommended hardwood for outdoor and indoor furniture since its natural features and characteristics make it able to stand against any temperature and weather problems. However, if you want to give it special treatment, these are some points to do.

Clean the dust

To keep the look, you need to clean the dust regularly. Many tools can be chosen to clean your teak garden tables. However, you must be sure that you are using soft surfaces for cleaning the dust. This is important, so you will not make any scratches on surface and remove its protection.

Wash the furniture

In some conditions, washing is needed. In order to wash it, you are fine to use water and soaps or detergent. The wood is durable, but it is better to use soft soaps that will not easily remove the layer or protection applied on furniture. Then, you need to use cloth or sponge since it has soft surface that will not ruin the surface of your teak garden furniture.

Clean stains as soon as possible

When you find some stains, such as the sauce or ketchups, you need to remove and clean them quickly. Since it is wood, the stains can easily be absorbed. Once it is absorbed, it is harder to clean. You can use wet tissue or cloth to clean it.

Well, those are some treatments for teak tables. You can do them regularly, especially when you find that the tables look dirty. If the color of table changes, you do not need to worry. This is natural process. Even, it may give you more attractive appearance of teak garden tables.

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