Ways to Identify an Ideal Painting Contractor in Seattle

Painting is considered to be a vital aspect of home improvement. Now, whatever the scope of your painting project may be appointing a professional for the job is always going to save time and efforts.

However, before you select a reliable painting contractors in Seattle there are some integral facts that you should consider. After all these facts are going to help you unleash the best method for identifying a perfect professional that meets your requirements and essentialities.

5 Factors to Consider in Painting Contractors

There are just five simple factors that you should consider, when it comes to hiring painting contractors of your choice and they are:


Consider how long has the contractor been in this business, and how satisfactory its performance has been. The key rule here is to go for those contractors who have remained active for at least one year, and thus hold the reputation of providing high quality services.

Further, you need to consider other aspects here such as whether the company has appointed subcontractors or not, and if they have hired them then what is the qualification, certification and experience of these contractors. As experience of the company may not be same as the experience of the employees, so make sure that you check these two things while hunting for a reputable contractor.

Legal Licensing

There are three major legal concerns that should always be verified while selecting painting contractors in Seattle and they are

State Issued License of the company (Guarantees that the company abides by the standards stipulated by the state)

Worker’s compensation insurance and

General liability insurance

A reputable and reliable company will always be able to provide you the documents, which would protect not only their workers, but even your home too.

Formal Estimate

Whenever you go for any contractor it is of utmost importance to have a formal estimate for the same along with you. This estimate can cover a myriad of services provided by the contractor, materials and even tools used for preparation of the work. If you are satisfied with standards and the estimate of the company then it is recommended to get the same in the form of a contact, authorized by both the contractor as well as the customer.


But, before you get into a legal contract with the company it is important to acknowledge whether they offer any form of guarantee on the services provided by them or not. Best thing is that there are many painting contractors in Seattle that come up with 100% guarantee on the services provided by them for a specific period of time.


Price is often a concern for home improvement projects, as you want to get the best of everything at its right value. However, make sure that you do not go with the lowest or the highest charging contractors, rather find a balance by considering the aforementioned aspects, and then comparing different contractors in terms of the price that they charge.

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