Ideas for Decorating a Rustic Cottage Fireplace

Rustic and country decor can create a great look in your home, and can add a warm and inviting touch to your fireplace. Rustic decor isn’t confined to any one particular country’s influence, but usually has many of the same basic elements.

The rustic cottage look can include influences from Western, Primitive or country styles. The overall effect is generally simple, with an “unfinished” sort of look, and yet it is attractive, inviting, and an endearing quality. Decorating in a rustic cottage style is quite easy and inexpensive, due to the fact that the style is natural, unfussy and focuses on simple materials.

Natural Materials

When decorating in a rustic style, you want to focus on natural materials, such as wood, natural textiles, and stone. By using rustic materials and decor, you can easily create a charming cottage look in the room, by using the fireplace as a focal point.

A swath or runner of natural or hand-woven fabric can create a base on the mantle, or you can leave mantle bare, especially if it’s an attractive wood, brick or stone surface. A hand-made quilt adds a nice touch when hung over the fireplace or you can hang a single framed piece of art, perhaps in a simple floral or other natural theme.

Wreaths crafted from natural plant materials and dried flowers also look great when hung over the fireplace. Other options for wall art can include rustic wooden signs, primitive metal sculptures, or even items such as mounted deer antlers if you have a hunter in the family.

Neutral Shades

Colors commonly used to create a rustic cottage look include neutral shades such as white and bone, as well as earth tones. Barn red, greens and blues can be used as eye-catching accent colors. Brass candleholders, oil lamps, or wrought-iron sconces can add a bit of glow and sparkle to the mantle decor.

Pottery, simple glassware, and wicker baskets, perhaps containing natural materials such as pine cones and seed pods, would make an attractive arrangement. The mantle is also a good place to arrange a few pieces of rustic cookware or dishes. Pieces of art can also be displayed on the mantle, including framed art prints, or even better, family photos in rustic wooden frames. Vacation photos showing the family enjoying beautiful outdoor scenery can add a nice touch to the rustic cottage mantle.

Cozy Blankets, Antiques, and Hand Crafted Rugs

You can also add an inviting and rustic look around the fireplace as well. By placing a quilt or hand-crafted rug on the hearth, you can add color as well as warmth. An antique wooden chair can be placed beside the fireplace, along with perhaps with a wicker basket of cozy blankets kept handy for fireside snuggling.

If there is enough space, a wooden trunk chest could be placed beside the fireplace as well, and could hold additional blankets, or perhaps board games or other family pastime items. Overall, you will find that having a rustic cottage fireplace area will provide a comfortable area for the family to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

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