Granite Kitchen Countertops: Why Are They So Popular?

Granite is one of the strongest rocks that you can possibly choose for kitchen countertops. It comes in a bundle of such exquisite and beautiful colors that it can totally transform your kitchen. Besides, it’s of different types too – so that you can choose what goes best with the interior colors and brightness condition of your house.

Benefits Of Granite Kitchen Countertops And Are They Worth The Hype?

Granite is made up of strong minerals including quartz. Which is why it is least prone to scratches. Therefore, it is totally worth the money that you spend. The best benefits of installing Granite countertops in the kitchen are given below.

Granite countertops can withstand a high temperature since granite is an igneous rock. Thus, the finish and polish remain unaffected even if the stone is exposed to accidental spillage of hot water.These kitchen countertops are easy to clean, strong, and long-lasting. Precisely they are a one-time investment. Besides, since there’s nothing extra that you need to buy to maintain them, they prove to be extremely economical in the long run

Features Of Granite Countertops That You Should Be Aware Of

They have different thickness levels and can be made in the form of slabs as well as tiles, whatever you like. Also, their cost largely depends upon their thickness. Thus, you will always find something within your set budget granite slabs are usually about 10 feet long and can be adjusted according to the shape of your kitchen counter.

On the other hand, granite tiles that are much more affordable than granite slabs and are easy to install too most popular and in-demand colors of granite countertops are black galaxy, Aspen white, black forest, coffee brown, colonial white, and moon white. And some of the latest trending colors include new Kashmiri gold, violet-blue, and safari brown

Additionally, granite comes in 3 stunning finishes and you can choose either of them, listed below, according to your budget.

Polished Finish –

Polished granite is easiest to clean and is reflective and glossy. Also, it is extremely popular because it can be done on engineered stones as well as natural stoneLeathered Finish – Leathered granite has a natural texture that brings out the feel of real granite. Besides, it looks extremely attractive satin-Matte Finish – This is a very sophisticated kind of delicate finish that’s the least formal of all the other types.

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