A Complete Guide to Door Replacement

You will either have to replace the door itself or the door and the frame that surrounds it. Simply replacing a door is very easy and straightforward while replacing the door and frame can be somewhat difficult for the average weekend warrior.

Replacing a door in the first case is simple; begin by opening the door wide enough to expose the hinges. You should place a wedge such as a door stop under the door to relieve some of the pressure the door weight places on the hinges. To actually remove the door from the hinges you just need to take a hammer and flat screwdriver and tap the pin on the bottom repeatedly. Once you get the pin almost all the way out move to the next.

Some pins will stick or otherwise be difficult to remove. Applying a rust remover or paint removed to the hinge can help in most cases. In other cases rapid, sharp blows with the hammer and screwdriver should release the stuck pin. Do be careful however to avoid scraping the door frame with the screwdriver when doing this.

If you have another person around it’s helpful to have them hold the door as you remove the pins the remainder of the way. You don’t want the door falling or pinching your fingers so have your partner hold the outer edge while you remove the pins.

Provided that the old door is in decent condition and is not warped badly you can use it to make sure that the new door is of the right size. Sometimes you will need to trim the bottom of a new door slightly, usually by no more than an inch or two.

You may also need to replace the door hinges. If these need replaced unscrew the old hinge plates from the frame and door and attach the new ones. If you are reusing the old hinges, check for damages and dust with carbon power on the surfaces that the locking and closing mechanisms touch. You can also dust the hinges using this same powder. The best powder for this is a fine carbon powder used by locksmiths to keep locks in top condition.

If the existing screw holes are worn you may need to fill them with wood putty and let it dry, then drill a small hole for the new screws. Once you have your new hinge plates attached to the door and frame you can lift the door into place and position it on the hinges. Work the top pin into place first about halfway followed by the bottom pin. Finish by tapping both pins all the way into their recesses and as simple as that you’re done with your door installation. Congratulations on a job well done.

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